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5 Steps to Maximise Your 1st Online Physiotherapy Consultation

Video consultation

With the rapid advancement of technology over the last five years, online video consultations (often referred to as telehealth) have become an excellent way of reaching remote, at risk or time poor individuals who need to get their healthcare on the go. At Pinnacle Health Group we have been offering video consultations for clients for … Read more

Are you an active couch potato?

Active couch potato

It is no secret, sitting for prolonged periods is NOT good for us. With phrases like ‘sitting is the new smoking’ being used in the media, it’s important to really understand the key issues and be able to make informed decisions about how to look after ourselves at home and the workplace. In 2015, I … Read more

An Introduction To Wellness Leave

Healthy nutrition

By Tom Bosna – Managing Director   3 reasons why wellness leave was introduced at Pinnacle Health Group (and why your business should too!) It all started with a big leadership question: How am I supporting the wellbeing of our people? What led to this question was more interesting. As a small business owner, a … Read more

The Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

Several women practicing yoga in sunlight

It’s too easy to lose contact with your inner self while you are constantly negotiating your busy, stressful life. Take a breather from trying to get everything done all the time, and meditate. Its benefits are scientifically proven. Meditation For Your Brain And Stress Levels It seems counterintuitive, but slowing down to just sit and … Read more

Quick Tips for Marathon Training

Runners run urban marathon in the the city

1 – Look Down Test out the shoes and socks that you plan on wearing on race day. If the shoes aren’t your regular training shoes, wear them on at least one 12-15 km run at marathon pace. This test run will determine whether you’re likely to develop blisters or get sore feet–before it’s too late. … Read more

3 reasons why you should add strength training to your running program

Back in the day, if you wanted to become a better runner you would simply run, and then run some more! While this can be a useful strategy to some extent… More and more, we now see recreational runners all the way to elite-level runners incorporating strength training into their weekly training routine and the … Read more

Suffering From Lower Back Pain? These 3 Tips Will Help You Manage

Low back pain is one of the most troublesome and common workplace disorders, with this burden being recognised worldwide¹ ². The majority of lower back pain is non-specific in origin, meaning it is uncommon for these problems to be caused by any specific underlying condition such as infection, arthritis, fracture or cancer². As a Chiropractor, … Read more


By Chiropractor Luka Fantela I thought I’d take a moment to discuss a common question I receive, and that is what is Chiropractic & how can it help me? The easiest way for me to answer this is to give you my very own approach as a Chiropractor and to provide you with some insight into how … Read more

National Foot Health Week 2018

By Senior Podiatrist Michael Johnston A staggering 48% of Australians have experienced heel or arch pain in the last 12 months but 56% of us don’t know what a Podiatrist does. Podiatrists are specialists in the foot and lower limb so can treat foot, ankle, knee and hip pain. Here are some of the most common issues … Read more