workplace flu vaccinations.

You can reduce your risk of flu in the workplace by organising and offering an annual company flu shot either in a clinic or at your office. Adding a flu vaccination to your yearly workplace health check can lower your employee’s risk of contracting influenza and stop the cycle of germs spreading.

Pinnacle Health Group allows your business to access specialist health practitioners at work, making it easier and more efficient than ever to receive your corporate vaccinations. We uphold the highest levels of cleanliness, professionalism and patient confidentiality to protect your employees.

fighting the flu in the workplace.

When staff miss work due to sickness, this can be costly and unproductive for your business. Flu-like illnesses account for a massive portion of sick days in Australia, and this can easily be prevented with a readily accessible workplace flu vaccination program.

Our workplace vaccination team can take care of everything your company needs, including:

  • Giving staff accurate information that allows them to make an informed decision about their own desire to be vaccinated
  • Answering common questions about illnesses and vaccinations
  • Advertising the time and date of your organisation’s flu vaccination program.

choose pinnacle health group as your workplace vaccinator.


Pinnacle Health Group will take care of your entire corporate vaccination program by creating a custom plan that suits the needs of your business. We make the booking process simple, and we provide vaccinations promptly, professionally and efficiently. We also offer off-site flu shots for any employees who are unable to attend on the chosen vaccination day.

Book an appointment in one of our Melbourne clinics online or get in touch to discuss in-office vaccinations and workplace wellness programs with a consultant.