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Corporate Massage

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Workplace seated massage

If you’re looking for a way to relieve stress in your workplace while boosting productivity, a desk massage program with Pinnacle Health may be the right choice for you. With our corporate massage services in Australia and New Zealand, the massage therapist brings all the necessary equipment to massage employees while they are seated at their desk.

Your employees work hard for you every day, and offering them massage services to relieve stress and boost their sense of wellbeing is a fantastic way to reward them for that hard work. Read more about the benefits of corporate massage for Australian and New Zealand businesses below and get in touch.

Corporate massage benefits

The benefits of corporate massage include:

Increasing mental and physical wellbeing

Boosting employee morale and motivation

Improving relaxation, focus, productivity and creativity

Rewarding your employees for their hard work

Increasing your team’s attention span

Workplace massages help to Improve relaxation, focus, productivity and creativity

Improving physical and mental wellness with massage

Seated massage can do wonders for the human body beyond relieving tension in muscles. Massage can improve circulation and breathing, calm the nervous system and ease the digestive system. Stimulating the lymphatic system helps to fight against possible infections, keeping your workplace healthier in every season.

Tension in the muscles can be caused by negative emotions, and those emotions can be stored in the body. Relieving these areas can convert the energy, improving an employee’s mood and fostering a general sense of wellbeing.

Add massage to your wellness program

When you work with Pinnacle Health, your options are endless. You can add a regular massage service to your workplace wellness program, and our qualified and experienced massage therapists will come to your office to knead the stress away. Speak to one of our consultants about your options today by making an enquiry online.

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Pinnacle Health Group offers corporate massages in Australian and New Zealand offices. Book a consultation with our health & wellbeing consultants online, or get in touch if you have any questions about your custom program. Fill in the form below, or phone 1300 424 895 during business hours.

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