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Ergonomic assessments

Onsite ergonomic assessments for your workers

Ergonomic assessments for the workplace

Pinnacle Health Group can give you an ergonomic workplace assessment that will improve your occupational health and safety and make your employees feel comfortable while they work. Small changes in workplace processes can prevent serious and ongoing injuries for workers.

An ergonomic assessment involves analysing an employee at their workstation, whether they are sitting, standing, or driving, and making sure they are positioned in a way that protects their physical wellbeing. We specialise in setting up ergonomically correct workstations while giving advice and education on the topic.

Reducing ergonomic risk factors will protect you against injury claims, sick days, and more.

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Why is it important to be ergonomic?

There are many proven benefits to strong workplace ergonomics, including:

Reducing costs – reducing ergonomic risk factors will protect you against injury claims, sick days, and more.

Improving productivity – good posture and minimal exertion make a workstation more efficient

Improving the quality of work – poor ergonomics can make workers fatigued and frustrated, good ergonomics prevents this

Boost employee engagement – your employees will appreciate the time and effort that goes into improving their workstation, preventing staff turnover, absenteeism, and low morale

Occupational health and safety – safety and health should be a core value in your business because healthy employees are your most valuable asset

How does an ergonomics assessment work?

Ergonomics in the workplace involve more than simply adjusting the height of a chair. An ergonomic workplace assessment aims to identify, analyse, and eliminate hazards that could affect your employee’s quality of life and engagement.

Pinnacle Health Group will look at each employee’s workstation, job requirements, and current health status to implement control measures (this could be improved equipment or education) that promote safe working standards according to the principles of ergonomics.

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