Workplace Wellness

Employee health checks

A doctor would never prescribe medication to a patient without first conducting a thorough assessment, and forming a diagnosis.

Without knowing the health and wellbeing metrics of your people, and organisation as a whole, you stand to deliver a wellbeing program that is costly, poorly engaged and does not influence healthy behavioural change for your employees.

Our range of Health Checks and assessments ensure that:

  • individual employees “know their numbers” and can target personal health improvement goals
  • organisations gain a de-identified overview and live “diagnosis” of the wellbeing of their workplace as a whole
  • lifestyle disease risk factors including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and inactivity are measured and addressed in a targeted approach
  • life-threatening skin cancers are detected and diagnosed through onsite or remote skin cancer checks

Health Checks

Health Checks provide mandatory data regarding employee health, and allow employers to direct attention to the areas of health that employees are most in need of guidance.

With many employees working remotely, our traditional employee health checks are complemented with a range of remote-accessed health assessments, which are fast-becoming the option of choice for organisations across Australia.

Our health checks range from 10-minute digital wellbeing checks to more comprehensive, 30-minute assessments that measure key health indicators such as blood glucose, blood cholesterol, waist:hip ratio, lifestyle questionnaire and nutritional status.

Skin Cancer Checks

Did you know that 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the age of 70?

Skin Cancer Checks are literally life-saving health assessments, and are a must for workplaces across Australia. 

Our skin cancer checks can be attended via onsite skin cancer assessments delivered at your workplace, or remote-accessed skin cancer assessments incorporating Molescope technology.

Our expert Dermatoscopists are located across the country and deliver these in-person or remote skin cancer assessments, and comprehensive mole mapping services, all year round.

Ergonomic Assessments

 We’ve all had it before, haven’t we? The stiff neck, achey shoulders and sore low back from our workstations. Even worse – trying to concentrate on work when headaches kick in.

The “workplace” has changed so much, and with many of us working between an office and home set-up, the risks of musculoskeletal pain and stiffness are significantly higher.

Not to mention that if you work on a laptop that you are twice as likely to develop spinal pain.

Our ergonomic assessments are tailored to your unique situation(s) – with in-person or virtual assessment options for office, home, or remote working, and designed for sitting or standing desks.

Assessments are conducted by expert Ergonomic Physiotherapists, and the checks include postural analysis and exercises to improve the human-workstation interaction.

Executive Health Checks

 Our executive health checks take comprehensive assessment to the next level – and involve rigorous, medically-led assessments of one’s holistic health and wellbeing.

The assessments involve off-site testing of lifestyle health risks, cardio-respiratory health, mental health, skin cancer assessment, exercise tolerance, nutritional status, lifestyle factors and a range of important key health metrics.

The assessments are followed with a tailored health management plan for each individual executive, and follow up consultation from chosen allied health practitioners.

Postural Assessments

Should I work at a sitting or standing desk? How often should I be moving? What if my spine is already stiff and sore? What can I do to improve my posture or core stability?

These are just a few of the many questions that we all ask ourselves regularly.

Our expert physiotherapists have worked with busy, corporate employees for decades – and understand the pressures of modern-day working life.

Our postural assessments are delivered in-person or via virtual consultation, and address key aspects of the person’s musculoskeletal profile, core stability and postural background.

Biometric Testing

 Technology can now allow us to measure and track key health metrics such as height, weight, body fat %, water content, muscle mass and bone density in an instant, with precision accuracy.

Biometric testing is a great way for employees to receive objective feedback in more detail than traditional health checks and is particularly relevant for employees that may test “normal” to many of the more general chronic disease risk factors like blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose.

Testing can be conducted onsite in the workplace using body scanning technology, or offsite in our testing clinics.

Health checks from Pinnacle Health Group are designed to identify your team’s risk factors for common illnesses and ongoing health problems. Your employees will save time and energy when they receive health assessments while at work or in our Melbourne clinics, putting their minds at ease and protecting them against larger medical issues in the future.

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Efficient workplace health checks in Melbourne and Sydney

We aim to improve time efficiency when it comes to planning health checks for your employees by offering our services either on-site or in your own office. It’s easy to put off seeing a doctor, but we’ve found that people are more likely to have a health check when it is fast and easily accessible.

We uphold the strictest standards in professionalism, cleanliness and patient confidentiality. Our health professionals will educate your employees about ongoing healthcare to protect themselves against common illnesses, diseases and injuries.

What’s involved in a workplace health check?

Pinnacle Health Group will take an overall assessment of your health, including tests for blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Speak to one of our consultants about packaging your workplace health checks with skin cancer checks for an overall snapshot of employee health.

We also offer health assessments where we gather information about each employee that forms the base for your workplace wellness program. You can choose how in-depth these assessments are, and they may include:

  • Weight measurement
  • BMI calculations
  • Mental health assessments
  • Wholebody scans
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Resting heart rate
  • Strength, reflexes and flexibility tests
  • Skin cancer checks
  • Overall lifestyle assessment
  • Lung capacity tests
  • Posture analysis

Each employee’s information will be collected and collated so we can present a custom program that will perfectly suit your workplace.

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Speak to our wellness consultants today

Pinnacle Health Group offers the comprehensive workplace health checks Melbourne and Sydney businesses need. Book a consultation with our wellness consultants online, or get in touch if you have any questions about your custom program.