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for me.

Book a physiotherapy, massage, pilates or other health session at one of our Corporate Wellness Centres.

for my workplace.

Employee wellbeing programs ranging from health checks, skin cancer checks and mental health programs and more.


Hi, how are you?


Chances are, if you are reading this – you are pretty excited to be creating an amazing wellbeing culture at your organisation or workplace, so you are probably doing ok.

And that means that we are excited to be talking to you.

For over a decade now, we’ve been helping organisations create healthy environments for their people.

Our entire purpose is simple: to help create well workplaces – which we define as workplaces that inspire healthy change for their employees, teams, families and communities.

Pinnacle Health Group.

We inspire healthy people and healthier workplaces.

Work is often associated with unhealthy behaviours like sitting for too long, eating poorly and mental stress – and given that we spend over one third of our lives at work, the ability for busy working age Australians to take proactive control of their own wellbeing is limited.

At Pinnacle Health Group, our entire focus is on inspiring healthy change for these people. We achieve this in two ways:


we provide convenient health services for time-poor employees from our accessible corporate wellness centres


we deliver corporate health services and wellbeing programs for workplaces as a whole - anytime, anywhere

As the only company in Australia that specialises in both on-site Wellness Centres and integrated employee wellbeing programs – we deliver an end-to-end, well-rounded and suite of exciting wellness programs for organisations across industry. We love nothing more than seeing organisations take the lead with employee wellbeing and reap the rewards of a healthier, happier and engaged workforce.