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Employee wellbeing programs

Keep your employees healthy and engaged

Wellness programs for your workers

Employees of today don’t see wellbeing initiatives as a perk or nice-to-have – they demand access to health and wellbeing initiatives, and expect that their workplace supports them with a company-specific wellbeing plan or program of initiatives.

At the same time, organisations that fail to incorporate a wellbeing focus as part of their overall strategy, miss out on the cultural, retention and productivity benefits of engaging healthy, happy employees.

Save time, reduce costs and establish your own company-branded wellbeing program

A structured Employee Wellbeing Program at your organisation will:

Keep employee wellbeing fun, current, engaging, and inspiring

Engage employees of all backgrounds, cultures, health profiles and interests

Cut out the “scattergun approach” to traditional employee wellbeing with a structured, well-communicated plan

Save you time, reduce costs and establish your own company-branded wellbeing program

Inspire healthy culture not only for employees – but for the teams, families and communities that they interact with

Pinnacle employee wellbeing programs

Integrated Wellbeing Programs

Take the guesswork out of your workplace wellness program with our integrated employee wellbeing programs.

These comprehensive wellbeing programs ensure a well-rounded program that incorporates physical, mental and social wellbeing pillars – and engages all employee demographics and health profiles.

The programs are tailored for your organisation, work within your budget and resource commitments, and are based on the most engaging and high-value wellbeing initiatives experienced across thousands of workplaces.

All of our wellbeing programs include strategy sessions with you and your team, as well as an ongoing “Wellness Committee” that we chair – to ensure close tracking of program deliverables, and regular measurement of outcomes and return-on-investment.

Annual Wellness Calendars

The biggest wellbeing issue facing most workplaces is lack of engagement in wellbeing or employee benefit initiatives.

We map out 12, 24 or 36-month Wellness Calendars for your organisation – that creates a roadmap of events and health activities that enable structure around your wellbeing strategy.

The Calendars include a range of wellbeing themes including nutrition, exercise, mental wellbeing, posture, sleep health, skin cancer prevention and more.

Your employees will have access to onsite or virtual workshops, classes, lunch & learns and health assessments to inspire healthy change and boost the cultural wellbeing of your workplace.

Employee Wellbeing Strategy

We have worked in the workplace wellbeing field for over a decade, and have seen the wellbeing needs and demands of employees change significantly over this time.

Flexible working, blurred lines of work and home life, and the ongoing juggling of being busy with life’s pressures have had significant impact on employee wellbeing – and organisations must adapt to these demands.

Our Workplace Wellness Consultants live and breathe workplace wellbeing, and will listen, diagnose and plan a management strategy that suits the wellbeing profile of your workplace – to ensure increased productivity, cultural alignment and healthier people and communities. 

Digital Wellbeing Platforms

With more and more employees working remotely – and many organisations having employee hubs across several states or countries – digital access to wellbeing programs is an absolute must.

Our Digital Wellbeing Platforms enable employees to access virtual classes, workshops, in-built healthy habit building programs, and even access a physiotherapist or dietitian via telehealth.

The Digital Wellbeing Platforms a like the “glue” that connects the mental, physical and social wellbeing pillars together – and enables increased awareness, engagement and live measurement of wellbeing program success.

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