Workplace Wellness

Skin Cancer Checks

At Pinnacle Health Group, we are extremely passionate about Skin Cancer Prevention – so much so that it is the highest volume service that we offer workplaces. It’s recommended that every adult in Australia has a professional skin check at least once a year, and they should check their skin for changes every three months.

Skin Cancer Checks play a major role in the early detection of skin cancer, and we make them more accessible to your employees by including them in our workplace wellness programs. Skin cancer is easiest to prevent if it is detected in the early stages which is why Pinnacle Health Group offers your business an onsite, skin cancer check–up in Melbourne and Sydney. We work with experienced and knowledgeable health professionals to detect and prevent skin cancer without impacting your workplace productivity.

The Problem

Skin Cancer is one of the leading causes of death across Australia and New Zealand, and 2 in 3 people are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. (Cancer Council Australia, 2019).

Added to this data, it has also been found that 61% of the same populations feel that having tanned skin is attractive, and only 11% have their skin checked at least once per year. (‘2020 Melanoma Skin Cancer Report: Stemming the Global Epidemic’ Report).

Reports and data has shown a significant drop-off in routine testing during COVID-19, including analysing tissue samples for cancer diagnoses. (Experts call for urgent attention on melanoma screening and checks in light of deadly delays in testing with COVID-19. Science & Medical | 11/05/2020)

COVID-19 limitations and added challenges

The population, including employees that would normally have access to onsite skin cancer checks in the workplace, are currently avoiding regular skin cancer detection.

Many employees are working from home, reducing the number of onsite skin cancer checks in the workplace. Reports also show a drop in presentation to medical centres for routine GP check ups employees (and the general population) must have options to review and assess any moles or sunspots of concern at a minimum.

The solution – onsite or remote-accessed skin cancer checks

The remote options available must be used now to ensure regular checks and detection/prevention of skin cancer.

Option 1

smartphone dermatoscopist assessment

  • allows remote analysis of suspicious skin spots by trained dermatoscopist
  • smartphone photograph taken with patient’s own mini dermatoscope (used for increased photo magnification & accuracy)
  • remote pathological assessment by trained expert
  • the gold standard in remote skin cancer assessment
Dermatologist examining patient's mole in the neck

Option 2

in-person dermatoscopist assessment

  • conventional skin cancer check conducted in person by expert dermatoscopist
  • requires private meeting room or first aid room
  • can be conducted in the workplace as “pop-up skin cancer clinic” onsite
  • employees travel in/out for assessment
  • covid-19 action plan followed with hygiene andsocial distancing procedures implemented

Employee Skin Checks

By opting to include a regular skin cancer check, Melbourne and Sydney businesses can take care of the health of their employees and put their minds at ease. Pinnacle Health Group offers skin cancer checks that vary in length to suit your timeframes, including simple screenings of exposed areas of skin and in-depth mole mapping services.

Create a Wellness Centre or visit a clinic

Not only do we offer skin cancer checks in our state-of-the-art clinics in Melbourne, but we also work with companies to create their own wellness centres on–site. Here, your employees will have access to a range of crucial health services, giving them the time and convenience to look after themselves.

Your employees will be thankful to work in an environment that looks after their health, and this transfers to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction. To learn more about our skin cancer checks in Melbourne and Sydney, contact Pinnacle Health Group online.