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Workplace wellness programs 2022

Looking to inspire healthy change in your workplace? Create healthier teams and employees in 2021 with the help of our workplace health consultants.

Our corporate wellness programs

Although it’s common knowledge that employee health and wellbeing is vital in every workplace, it can be extremely difficult to engage employees in meaningful corporate wellness programs. In fact, most corporate wellness initiates have an average engagement of less than 10% of the team.

We are a unique corporate wellness company, and at Pinnacle Health Group we make workplace wellness fun, empowering, and practical because we focus on cultivating a positive team culture that drives productivity and employee engagement. The Pinnacle consultants are passionate about turning health and wellness into a part of your team’s daily work habits.

Browse through our wellness initiatives below and get in touch to discuss your corporate wellness goals with one of our consultants.


Empower your employees or tenants to take charge of their own wellbeing, by implementing a tailored, on-site Wellness Centre at your workplace.
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We can deliver flu vaccinations to your entire time on-site or at any of our clinics. Flu vaccinations can be delivered on a seasonal basis to protect employee health and lower absenteeism.
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Skin cancer checks can be performed at your workplace or at our clinics. These assessments can save lives, and our specialist skin practitioners offer follow-up plans and investigations as required.
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We provide health checks with a difference, and we ensure your employees not only “know their numbers” but can action some improvements as well! On-site services range from express to executive health checks.
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Our seminars and workshops are based on the latest health research and engage teams in practical ways to improve health & wellbeing. Complement existing health programmes or build a fully tailored calendar of events!
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We spend plenty of time at our workstation, so it is incredibly important to ensure the correct ergonomic set-up! Our assessments analyse and enhance the biomechanics of sitting and standing at work.
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This is an amazing way to reward, engage and revitalise your team! Our massage therapists are ready to come to your workplace for any events, activations, team rewards sessions—and we can also deliver at-desk massage!
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A Pinnacle Health Group signature is to tailor a company-branded, integrated calendar of wellbeing initiatives for workplaces - designed to engage employees of all health profiles!
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Workplace wellness strategy

Our vast experience in engaging employee wellbeing allows us to consult organisations on best practice in workplace wellness.

Our consultants not only deliver the range of services above, but work directly with the HR or wellbeing stakeholders at each workplace to design and implement an annual wellbeing program that is tailored to the organisation.

The key pillars of our integrated approach to employee wellbeing are activate, assess, lead and engage – which in combination achieve:

Create your own wellness centre at your workplace

We are the leaders in designing, operating and integrating onsite Wellness Centres into a range of workplaces. Create an empowered wellbeing culture with your own onsite health team today! Whether you want your employees to access on-site physiotherapy of massage, or need health checks, skin cancer checks, or mental health support – your team will have all-in-one access to these crucial services.

Don’t have space (or resources) to create a full-scale wellness centre? We tailor existing spaces at your workplace to create pop-up wellness centres where employees can enjoy a range of health services at work. Enquire online to learn more about how Pinnacle Health Group can help you.

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