Sofa. Ironing board. Kitchen bench. Washing machine. No, this post is not a random list of household items to sit, eat or wash from. Believe it or not, these are the makeshift workstations that our clients have been using during the pandemic. Some of them are absolutely clever (who knew an ironing board could make … Read more

Rear view of tennis player serving during a match.

Whether you’ve recently recovered from a shoulder injury, fracture, tennis elbow or just want to prevent future injuries, strengthening and range of motion exercises can help. By exercising each muscle and moving a joint through its full range of motion, you can keep it flexible, reduce pain and improve strength. Below are some exercises that … Read more

Man suffering from joint pain in knee

Knee injuries are extremely common. They range from soft tissue injuries such as ligament sprains and muscle strains to bone conditions and biomechanical dysfunction. Each of your knees has a bursa sack that is filled with fluid. When these get inflamed or infected, the condition is called knee bursitis. What is Knee Bursitis? Knee bursitis … Read more

Video consultation

With the rapid advancement of technology over the last five years, online video consultations (often referred to as telehealth) have become an excellent way of reaching remote, at risk or time poor individuals who need to get their healthcare on the go. At Pinnacle Health Group we have been offering video consultations for clients for … Read more

Close up young man has muscle injury during outdoor exercise

Lower back pain is a leading cause of disability, affecting approximately 9.4 per cent of the global population. Back problems can arise from a range of injuries, such as disc injuries, sciatica, lifting heavy objects or some other non-specific injury. To the surprise of many, including health professionals, studies are increasingly indicating that chronic back … Read more

Woman in pyjamas sleeping on bed with blue background

When it comes to pain in your shoulder blades, your sleeping position can make a big difference. The wrong sleeping position can often mean waking up with a sore shoulder that bothers you all day or can even persist for days at a time. At other times, shoulder pain during sleep is a symptom that … Read more

Man holds a painful elbow

Most people who suffer from tennis elbow didn’t get the condition from playing tennis. This injury of overuse can be caused by a wide range of activities, from climbing and doing handstands to typing at a computer and lifting light objects. It’s a common injury that often heals with minor treatment and rest but can … Read more

Woman suffering from neck pain

Can your neck cause shoulder pain? Yes. There are a lot of interconnected muscles in the shoulder and neck. This means that pain in one place can often come from the other. The way our bodies report pain is sometimes unreliable. Neck and shoulder pain can often indicate another problem or be a sign of … Read more

A female holding her elbow due to pain

Article by Steve Pacini – Physiotherapist We’ve all heard of tennis elbow, otherwise known as lateral epidondylalgia. In fact approximately 40% of us will experience the pains associated with tennis elbow at some point in our lifetime, With symptoms including pain focused around the elbow or radiating down the forearm and can be aggravated by … Read more