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Psychosocial Support in the Workplace

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If you work in the workplace wellbeing, health and safety or human resources space, chances are you have heard a lot lately around “Psychosocial Risk” and “Psychosocial Support”.

The development of new workplace regulations in Australia has strengthened workplace health and safety laws, to better address risks to workplace psychological health. This has meant that workplace stakeholders have needed to improve education and awareness related to psychosocial hazards, to minimise or eliminate these risks in Australian workplaces and help to build safe and healthy workplaces.

At ⁠Pinnacle Health Group⁠, we are fielding loads of enquiries relating to psychosocial support, and the practical ways to provide services and programs to complement psychosocial risk management policies and procedures.

We delivered July and August Masterclasses on this topic: Psychosocial Support in the Workplace.

In this session, we provide an overview of:

  • the role of psychosocial support in overall workplace health and wellbeing
  • an overview of the key categories of psychosocial risk in the workplace
  • how to provide easy access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • implementing regular employee access to 1:1 conversations and feedback
  • and understanding the training/resources relating to responding to mental health risks


Listen to our Masterclass via the Well Workplaces Podcast

We’d like to say thanks for listening to the audio version of our Masterclass “Psychosocial Support in the Workplace” as it’s clearly a huge topic, and front of mind for many of you right now! As mentioned, this Masterclass is aimed to share some insights into, not only the changes in WHS legislation and requirements of workplaces to manage psychosocial hazards, but also the broader context and integration of these requirements with the overall HS&W strategy at your organisation.

This session only scratched the surface in terms of understanding best practice, and how to actually implement the risk management process in your workplace.

The Model Code of Practice (i.e. how to actually implement the process at your organisation) can be found below, using the link.


Some other handy resources include:

Please reach out if you have any questions or require support with any WHS related matters to or

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About Josh Lambert

This 30 minute Masterclass, delivered by Josh Lambert, is interactive and suitable for people in HR, or Health, Safety and Wellbeing professionals in large organisations, government teams, those working in mid-tier businesses and even small business owners.

Josh is a wellbeing entrepreneur, physiotherapist, speaker, and co-owner of Pinnacle Health Group. He is a workplace wellbeing leader and advocate, and along with hosting regular master classes and events and being featured on wellbeing panels and published for wellbeing articles in publications such as Men’s Fitness Magazine and the AFR.

Josh’s current role involves consulting many of Australia’s largest workplaces on their employee wellbeing strategy – which includes mapping out an annual calendar of health initiatives delivered by the PHG team.

Josh’s belief is that workplaces and organisations are, not only responsible for the wellbeing of their own employees, but for inspiring healthy change in teams, families, communities and society as a whole.