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Psychosocial Support in the Workplace

Two colleagues laughing in their workplace.

If you work in the workplace wellbeing, health and safety or human resources space, chances are you have heard a lot lately around “Psychosocial Risk” and “Psychosocial Support”. The development of new workplace regulations in Australia has strengthened workplace health and safety laws, to better address risks to workplace psychological health. This has meant that … Read more

Workplace Flu Vaccinations

An employee with recent flu vaccinations

A HOW-TO GUIDE Let’s face it – employee vaccination programs aren’t exactly the most glamorous of wellbeing initiatives! However, that doesn’t mean for a second that you can just “tick the box”, or even worse – forget to promote them and engage as many employees as possible. In any given year, flu vaccination programs are … Read more

How do we live our best and healthiest life with Bec Mitchell

A Wellbeing Tutelage with Corporate Wellness Consultant, Bec Mitchell How do we live our best and healthiest life? We all know we should eat right, move regularly and look after our mental wellbeing.  The big question is how do we turn this into daily action, ritual and positive mindset. In Episode 18 of the Well … Read more

The Journey from Law to Workplace Wellbeing

The Journey from Law to Workplace Wellbeing with Rebecca Smith from Swisse Wellness Rebecca Smith is a former Criminal Barrister turned workplace wellbeing expert.  She works for Swisse Wellness (H & H group) as Capability and Performance Leader. With a background in law that has morphed into a passion for creating great culture and more … Read more

The Sports Injuries That Are Much More Common In Female Athletes

Low section of sportswoman suffering from knee pain while sitting on track during sunny day

Certain sports injuries are much more common among female athletes than their male counterparts. This includes everyone from girls participating in sports at school to professional female athletes. There are specific injuries that are more likely to occur to women, and a variety of reasons that could explain why. The Injuries That Are More Common … Read more