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How do we live our best and healthiest life with Bec Mitchell

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A Wellbeing Tutelage with Corporate Wellness Consultant, Bec Mitchell

How do we live our best and healthiest life?

We all know we should eat right, move regularly and look after our mental wellbeing.  The big question is how do we turn this into daily action, ritual and positive mindset.

In Episode 18 of the Well Workplaces podcast, we are lucky enough to have one of Australia’s leading Corporate Wellness Speakers Bec Mitchell

In this episode Bec and Tom discuss:

  • How Bec fell into Physiotherapy and found her passion in speaking and educating corporate clients across Australia
  • How an unfortunate car accident lead to Bec becoming a more active, healthier and happier person
  • The morning ritual that will set you up for a thriving day
  • The key issues in the workplace right now and some strategies for companies to work through
  • How the focus on employee wellbeing has been a silver lining for 2020/21
  • The value of human connection and relationships in the evolving workplace model

Check out Bec’s website on or connect with her on Instagram and Linkedin

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