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Embracing Change: Pinnacle Health Group’s Journey Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

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Hey there colleagues, partners, and friends,

I’m excited to share a major shift happening at Pinnacle Health Group. We’re waving goodbye to one chapter and diving headfirst into a new story that captures our commitment to inspire healthy change for employees and workplaces everywhere.

Today, I’m thrilled to let you know about our strategic focus into the world of corporate health, wellbeing, and safety.

For more than a decade, Pinnacle Health Group has been all about delivering top-notch healthcare and wellbeing services through our unique Corporate Wellness Centre model. We’ve made a significant impact on many working Australians through operating twelve wellness centres for corporates and CBD employees.

We led the industry for Corporate Wellness centres for organisations such as ANZ and EY impacting the lives of over 15,000 employees. A Big thank you to our incredible clients and supporters who’ve believed in our mission and trusted us with their wellbeing as well as our amazing team members who delivered premium health services.

ANZ Wellness Centre, Melbourne

We have always talked about change as something that’s not just inevitable, but also an opportunity to grow. As workplaces and the world changed rapidly in 2019, so did we.

In 2019 when the world went mad, we got practical. We started offering new corporate services to a number of industry clients which helped propel us into a new market segment.   

With continued growth, focus and attention our team have been relentless in building the new era of Pinnacle Health Group. 

The new era of Pinnacle Health Group is dedicated to inspire healthy change in workplaces across Australia and New Zealand.

A decade ago we delivered health services through one-on-one consultations across thirteen wellness centres in Melbourne and Sydney CBD and challenged ourselves.

Today, we look to the future of Pinnacle Health Group and focus on amplifying our geographical reach so we can inspire more employees to a healthier tomorrow. 

Challenge accepted.

Our new direction centres around three key pillars:

1. Empowering Occupational Health and Safety Services:

Our commitment is to create safe, thriving workplaces. We’ve put together a comprehensive range of occupational health and safety services designed to help organisations build an environment that truly values the health of their employees. From keeping up with regulations to managing risks proactively, we’re here to support organisations on their journey.

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Workplace Health Services

2. Scaling Health Assessments:

Leveraging our know-how and extensive network, we are delivering corporate health assessments to more people across Australia and New Zealand than ever before. By giving employees the tools they need to lead healthier lives, we’re aiming to drive real, lasting change within organisations. 

Employee Health Checks

3. Delivering inspiring Education and Health Coaching :

Welcome to the Pinnacle Performance Club. This is our learning and development program for organisations. Our coaching, workshops and courses are all about equipping teams with the know-how and skills to boost their overall wellbeing, productivity, and success. It is also where leadership, career development training is delivered to help improve workplace performance.

Pinnacle Performance Club

This evolution is a big deal for us, and I’m honoured to lead our awesome team through this transformative journey. Another opportunity to grow.

Our core values of Trust our Gut, Challenge the Game and Stay Humble are instilled in the actions of our team and we are embracing change wholeheartedly and with courage.

We have set our sights on an ambitious goal—to inspire positive health changes for five million employees by 2025. It’s a tall order, but it’s driving us forward and fuelling our passion to make an impact.

As we kick off this exciting journey, I want to invite you to join us, support us, and collaborate with us. Together, we can create a future where corporate health, wellbeing, and safety take centre stage, creating environments where employees thrive and organisations shine.

Thank you for being part of our story. The best is yet to come.

With gratitude,

Tom Bosna