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7 Steps for a Successful Digital Wellbeing Platform at Your Workplace

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In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, employee wellbeing is a top priority for organisations. The emergence of digital wellbeing platforms offers a new way to address this concern. These platforms, brimming with health tips, interactive content, and productivity tools, have the potential to revolutionise workplace wellness. However, implementing them effectively requires careful consideration and strategy.

Here are 7 essential steps to navigate the landscape of digital wellbeing platforms and achieve success in your workplace:

1. Blend Physical and Digital (Phygital) Approaches

When introducing a digital wellbeing platform, strike a balance between physical and digital engagement. Organise launch events that not only promote the platform but also create a sense of excitement. Combine on-site activities, healthy refreshments, and incentives with digital elements, bridging the gap between the virtual and real world.

2. Inspire, Don’t Just Inform

Employee awareness of wellbeing has grown, but people are less drawn to reading articles. To inspire real change, the platform must go beyond relaying information. Employ features that remind, notify, measure, and incentivise employees. Use gamification elements to encourage users on a journey of healthy habit creation and behavioural change.

3. Assess Before Treating

Just as a healthcare provider assesses a patient’s condition before treatment, evaluate your employees’ wellbeing needs. Measure engagement levels, topics of interest, and self-reported wellbeing to tailor your program effectively. Incorporate health assessments for deeper insights into specific health areas

4. Give It a Brand

Ensure your digital wellbeing platform has a distinct brand identity. In a sea of communication, a well-branded program stands out. Choose a name that resonates with your workplace culture or industry, creating a unique persona that employees can connect with.

5. Foster Champions

Cultivate support across the organisation. Rally leadership, department heads, and passionate employees to champion the platform. Leverage their influence to boost engagement, spread awareness, and drive participation.

6. Reward and Recognise

Implement gamification principles to keep employees motivated. Offer challenges, goals, and rewards, akin to fitness trackers’ success. Recognise achievements with points, incentives, or gifts, encouraging sustained participation.

7. Infuse Fun

Inject a sense of enjoyment into your wellbeing program. Design the platform to be fun, engaging, and enjoyable. From light-hearted launch events to wellbeing-themed trivia sessions, create an atmosphere that fosters positive associations with healthy behaviours.

In the era of remote and hybrid work models, digital wellbeing platforms are more relevant than ever. To successfully implement one in your workplace, consider the holistic approach of blending physical and digital elements. Move beyond mere information-sharing to inspiring genuine change. Measure and assess before launching, and don’t forget to give your program a distinct brand identity. Harness the power of champions across the organisation, and consider implementing rewards and recognition to keep participants engaged. Most importantly, ensure that fun is at the heart of your strategy, making the journey to improved wellbeing enjoyable for all.

By following these 7 steps, you can cut through the noise of the digital wellbeing landscape and create a platform that truly resonates with your employees, fostering healthier habits and enhancing overall workplace wellbeing.

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