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Let’s face it – employee vaccination programs aren’t exactly the most glamorous of wellbeing initiatives! However, that doesn’t mean for a second that you can just “tick the box”, or even worse – forget to promote them and engage as many employees as possible.

In any given year, flu vaccination programs are still our most requested employee wellbeing initiative, and are a regular fixture in most workplaces annual calendars.

This has only increased since Covid-19, and they are sure to be something you are about to organise at your workplace.

Flu vaccinations have probably slipped to second place in the “most talked about vaccination in the workplace” rankings, given the recent buzz around Covid-19 vaccinations during the pandemic.

But, they remain right at the top of the list when it comes to employee wellbeing initiatives that all workplaces, large or small, provide for their employees.

The reasons for it’s popularity for organisations are quite obvious – vaccinate your employees against the common flu strains, and prevent the occurrence of said flu strains, therefore sickness in the workplace, therefore improved productivity and overall wellbeing and so on.

The demand for flu vaccinations has ramped up since March 2020, and given that we have all been through such rapid change in the workplace, combined with an even higher (but remote) workforce demand for flu vaccinations, our team of experts are being inundated with questions as to how to successfully deliver flu vaccination programs for your employees.

Hence, the thought to get it all out in the open for you, and share the simple guide to get it sorted for this year.

Onsite (at the workplace) Flu Vaccinations

These are the classic flu vaccinations delivered to teams, businesses, organisations and workplaces of all sizes – and (still) our most popular choice by our clients. For onsite programs, you simply nominate a date, day and time range that works for your organisation (or ranges that don’t work), and your employees can follow a simple online link to book their slots.

We deliver our vaccination programs with a difference and link something as simple as a “flu jab” with immunity-themed content such as articles, videos and healthy recipes to provide context and awareness to the actual vaccination itself.

It’s all part of our belief that wellbeing campaigns must be engaging in order to make positive, healthy change in workplaces.

And our advice this year remains the same to all workplaces – where you have more than 15 employees likely to get vaccinated at a particular location, you are best-placed aiming for the onsite flu program – as it is efficient, with simple online bookings, and it creates a vaccinated workforce within hours.

Remote Flu Vaccinations – E-Voucher Model

The explanation is simple, the pharmacy e-Voucher system allows employees to access a unique e-Voucher through us (or their flu vaccinator if they have a similar system), and access a flu vaccination from thousands of participating pharmacies and chemists across Australia and New Zealand. If you think of any big pharmacy chain, they will be available under this system.

This is popular (in normal times) for employees that don’t work from hubs with >15 employees (as in they can’t justify setting up an onsite program), or those that work remotely or regionally as it gives flexibility in access.

Many workplaces still opt for the e-Voucher only program (even for their big hubs that would normally benefit from onsite delivery), and, as such, there will still be many of our clients opting for a flexible mix of onsite delivery, plus e-Vouchers for those that can’t make it in to the workplace.

Similarly, many of our clients have a mix of employees – that is, they may have major hubs with large proportions of their work population in the office buildings, and more remote employees in smaller branches, stores, or sites. The mix of onsite and e-Voucher options enables flexibility but also an equal access to all employees to obtaining their flu vaccination – all on the one program and with no reimbursement or admin required from the employer, which is handy!

Remote Flu Vaccinations – E-Voucher Reimbursement Model

And a final option to mention here is our reimbursement model – which is a new initiative born out of necessity in the 2020 chaos.

Even though our pharmacy e-Voucher system is far-ranging, and covers most geographical areas – there are sometimes some very remote locations that may only have access to a local medical centre at best.

In this case, we have a simple reimbursement system that allows employees to access their flu vaccination, and instead of waiting to be reimbursed by the employer (and adding admin time to the organisation), our team arrange this promptly and all is sorted on the one system.

So this is a good option for those that have no other option!

We hope this guide has helped you get set up for a safe 2024. Feel free to reach out to us for any advice or assistance for your 2024 flu program.