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Workplace Wellbeing according to Olly Bridge – From ‘busted dreams to expanded waistlines’ to leaving working healthier than when you showed up

We spend one-third of our lives at work… Can you imagine leaving work healthier than when you showed up?

Olly Bridge is a well known personality in the health and wellbeing sector. With roles ranging from directing the hugely successful Global Corporate Challenge wellbeing movement, his role as head of corporate health and wellbeing at Medibank and now Chief Growth Officer at Wellteq.

In Episode 9 of Well Workplace podcast Olly has a really interesting discussion with Josh as he shares stories on:

  • How he has spent his entire working career in the sport, fitness and health and wellbeing industry
  • His personal insights into what drives him to be the best version of himself
  • How COVID-19 has impacted him personally and his work
  • Why inspiring workplaces and individuals to better wellbeing is an absolute passion

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