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The Journey from Law to Workplace Wellbeing

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The Journey from Law to Workplace Wellbeing with Rebecca Smith from Swisse Wellness

Rebecca Smith is a former Criminal Barrister turned workplace wellbeing expert.  She works for Swisse Wellness (H & H group) as Capability and Performance Leader.

With a background in law that has morphed into a passion for creating great culture and more mindful and powerful ways of working, she works hand-in-hand with brands and leaders that are inspiring and cutting edge to help build businesses they love.

In Episode 7 of the Well Workplaces Podcast, Rebecca speaks openly with Josh about:

  • Utilising her maternity leave to assess her core values and ultimately lead to her leaving the career as a criminal lawyer
  • How the workplace wellbeing space has changed significantly over the last decade and in her career
  • How each organisation she worked at including Smiling Mind helped shape her knowledge and tools that she calls on at Swisse Wellness
  • H & H group having an inspiring culture and world leading wellbeing programme
  • The future plans to bring employees back together in 2021
About Rebecca:

A passionate and conscious connector of people, she works with businesses and individuals to help them achieve professional and personal growth and positive business expansion.

Connect with Rebecca on Linkedin.

About us:

Well Workplaces is a movement by Pinnacle Health Group.  Our vision is for a world where workplaces lead and create healthier communities.  Well Workplaces podcast has been designed to create genuine wellbeing conversations in the workplace and share expert knowledge in practical ways.

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