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How Can You Use Your Heart Rate For Your Running Workouts?

Close up of a white smart watch with health app icon on the screen

All of us have access to an incredibly sophisticated, individualised training tool to fine-tune your running workouts – your heart. Specifically, your heart rate offers a wealth of information runners can use. Using your heart rate to optimise your running workouts isn’t a new idea, but one that is terribly underutilised. Below, we explain how … Read more

How To Train For Your First Half Marathon Or Marathon

Male runner’s feet participating in marathon

Doing your first marathon or half marathon is a great way to challenge yourself. You might be trying to get healthier, fulfil a new year’s resolution, support a friend who is participating, raise money for a charity or simply want to test your limits. Either way, preparation is vital. Getting Started Whether you’re running a … Read more

6 Tips for the Corporate Runner : The Balancing Act

Young woman runner with earphones in city, using smartwatch.

Now more than ever the ability to maintain the desirable work: life balance is becoming increasing difficult. Finding enough time in the busy schedule to complete our necessary (physical and psychological) exercise is tough.  Below are a few tips to help you maximise your training time and help you stay injury free.   Planning the … Read more

Quick Tips for Marathon Training

Runners run urban marathon in the the city

1 – Look Down Test out the shoes and socks that you plan on wearing on race day. If the shoes aren’t your regular training shoes, wear them on at least one 12-15 km run at marathon pace. This test run will determine whether you’re likely to develop blisters or get sore feet–before it’s too late. … Read more