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Now more than ever the ability to maintain the desirable work: life balance is becoming increasing difficult. Finding enough time in the busy schedule to complete our necessary (physical and psychological) exercise is tough.  Below are a few tips to help you maximise your training time and help you stay injury free.   Planning the … Read more

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As Podiatrist’s we’re often asked ‘what do people come and see you for?’ The answer is often a long winded response involving foot and ankle pain, shin pain, toenail or hard skin issues. The role of a Podiatrist is quite often misunderstood by the community.  Put simply, Podiatrist’s are lower limb experts whose job it … Read more

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1 – Look Down Test out the shoes and socks that you plan on wearing on race day. If the shoes aren’t your regular training shoes, wear them on at least one 12-15 km run at marathon pace. This test run will determine whether you’re likely to develop blisters or get sore feet–before it’s too late. … Read more

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The plantar fascia is a thick connective tissue that runs from the base of the heel to the tips of toes. One of its primary functions is to encourage effective movement and stability of foot through the ‘Windlass mechanism. Plantar fasciitis or fasciopathy is characterised by overuse of the plantar fascia with resultant irritation and … Read more

By Podiatrist Michael Johnston A lot of people just accept that something hurts, that’s life and there’s nothing they can do about it. Whether you put it down to old age, wear and tear, carrying too much weight, it doesn’t matter because it’s probably not true! Pain is a protective output from the brain to … Read more

By Podiatrist Michael Johnston   These days, when we have any sort of injury or medical malady the first thing most of us (myself included) will do is Google the symptoms to find out what’s going on and what to do about it. More and more, we see patients who have been trying outlandish home … Read more

By Podiatrist Michael Johnston As Jay-Z and Rhianna once sang. “The only thing that’s on my mind Is who’s gonna run this town tonight” and while their concern about running participation numbers is heart warming, they didn’t give us ANY advice about how to make sure you’re in the right running shoes? Here are a … Read more

With marathon season almost upon us, now is the time to do all you can to keep the wheels on and yourself healthy and injury-free until the big day. Learn from the professionals, the podiatrists at Pinnacle Health Group. Here are some key factors to focus on: Stay Strong To prevent any niggles becoming injuries … Read more

The clock is ticking, it’s only 6 weeks to go until the Oxfam Trailwalker! Teams of 4 will tackle the scenic and at times gruelling path from Wheeler’s Hill to Wesburn Park, to raise money for Oxfam, in support of people who live in poverty all around the world. Unfortunately, the strain of walking 100 … Read more

As we farewell to Summer and dive straight into Autumn it means only one thing – that the Oxfam 100km trailwalker is just around the corner, April 7-9th to be exact! The Oxfam trailwalker is one of Melbourne’s iconic bucket list events with team’s of 4 tackling the equally gruelling and scenic path from Wheeler’s … Read more