Rear view of tennis player serving during a match.

Whether you’ve recently recovered from a shoulder injury, fracture, tennis elbow or just want to prevent future injuries, strengthening and range of motion exercises can help. By exercising each muscle and moving a joint through its full range of motion, you can keep it flexible, reduce pain and improve strength. Below are some exercises that … Read more

Video consultation

With the rapid advancement of technology over the last five years, online video consultations (often referred to as telehealth) have become an excellent way of reaching remote, at risk or time poor individuals who need to get their healthcare on the go. At Pinnacle Health Group we have been offering video consultations for clients for … Read more

Man eating energy bar at gym after a workout

When you’re injured playing sports, one aspect of your recovery that you shouldn’t overlook is nutrition. Athletes may think it is a good idea to cut back on their caloric intake due to decreased levels of activity. However, your body’s natural processes kick into a higher gear when injured. A body that’s busy with recovery … Read more

Man holds a painful elbow

Most people who suffer from tennis elbow didn’t get the condition from playing tennis. This injury of overuse can be caused by a wide range of activities, from climbing and doing handstands to typing at a computer and lifting light objects. It’s a common injury that often heals with minor treatment and rest but can … Read more

Swimmer holding sore shoulder before getting into the water

Do you feel a sudden pain in your shoulder when you lift your arm overhead or backwards? You may have a shoulder impingement injury. Other symptoms include a minor but constant ache in your arm, a pain that extends from the front of your shoulder to the side of your arm, and general shoulder or … Read more