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Micro-markets and the future of workplace eating

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Micro-markets and the future of workplace eating is here with CEO of Morsl, Karla Borland

Nutrition is the foundation of a great working day.  Do you agree?

In episode 16 of Well Workplaces podcast, Tom Bosna interviews Karla Borland who is the CEO of Morsl.

Karla founded Morsl after working many years working in Finance where she remembered working long hours and having issues with finding healthy snacks at work.

  • Morsl was born out of the vision to create healthy changes through healthy eating.
  • Australia’s first micro-market is high tech and a self-service automated food and drink marketplace that fits within a workplace.
  • Morsl is employee centric with a focus on 80/20 principle to nutrition.

About Karla:

After 17 years in the banking industry, having worked in Sydney, Singapore and Zurich, she left my role as a Director of Credit Suisse and found Morsl in 2018. Morsl offers Australia’s first self-service food and drink market for workplaces.

The idea for Morsl was borne out of a daily frustration of trying to eat healthy in the office. Karla wanted to eat healthy, but was time poor and didn’t have the knowledge to read nutritional labels. She always ended up at the vending machine every afternoon buying a coke and chocolate.

After analysing the market in Australia, realised there was a gap in how corporates provide their staff with access to healthy food options in a way which is integrated and sustainable for employees. Providing staff with seminars on nutrition and cooking classes is a fantastic form of education but our Morsl markets now allow them to put those learnings into practice on a daily basis.

Morsl’s mission is to have a real impact on employee health by improving the eating habits of employees.

Connect with Karla Borland and Morsl

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