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Wellbeing when you have Billable Hours

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Wellbeing when you have Billable Hours… How to drive wellbeing culture and performance for busy lawyers, with Zoe Holland, People & Culture manager at Wotton & Kearney Lawyers.

In this episode, Josh chats with Zoe Holland, who is the People & Culture Manager at Wotton & Kearney Lawyers.  Zoe has worked in a number of roles, but has found herself in her dream role and is a niche expert in managing people, culture and wellbeing for law firms.

Zoe shares her insights into engaging employees that are often time poor, work hard, and charge in billable hours and minutes as part of their role.

This is a great listen, as Zoe gets into:

  • The myths, and stigma around how wellbeing is prioritised within law firms
  • The changing landscape of the legal services industry, and how the wellbeing of employees has been thrust into the spotlight
  • Practical insights into what works in the way of wellbeing initiatives for legal and similar professional services
  • The sad, but real truth that law firms aren’t at all as crazy and hectic as an episode of Suits
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