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The workplace must orchestrate positive human experiences where people can thrive

The workplace must orchestrate positive human experiences where people can thrive, Graeme Scannell Head of Workplace Experience MYOB

How would you design a workplace if you had the (benefit?) of Covid-19 hindsight and this new hybrid work flow we are all in right now?  In episode 17, Josh Lambert interviews Graeme Scannell who is the Head of Workplace Experience at MYOB.

Graeme was in charge of designing the amazing new digs for the MYOB team at their state-of-the-art Melbourne HQ, which was able to be adapted and modified through rapid change due to Covid-19.  He also talks to Josh about his passion for workplace design, the need for flexibility and adaptability of the workplace to suit all employees, and the linkage between workplace design and our overall wellbeing.

And of course, the podcast is packed with insights into the role of the workplace, as we start to fill up office buildings and work environments across the globe – albeit working in a different and more digitally-inclusive way.

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