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Employee Wellbeing in Lockdown

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Have you started to plan for 2022 yet?

In the current hybrid model of work it seems that workplaces are toggling between reactive wellbeing initiatives versus strategic long term planning with an eye on 2022.

My colleague, Josh Lambert, has decided to write up an eBook (download in here) to simplify the required steps to setting up a successful and engaging wellbeing program to suit the current working environment.

If listening is more your thing, we’ve also made our debut on the Well Workplaces Podcast in Season 2. In this episode, Josh talks about what’s working in employee wellbeing right now, he discusses some of the common themes and issues with clients and shares some great leadership examples at the moment in large and SME clients.

Please have a listen or share the episode with a colleague. It might stimulate some discussion and ideas for 2022.

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