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Ergonomic Assessments

Reducing ergonomic risk factors will protect you against injury claims, sick days, and more. How does an ergonomics assessment work? Ergonomics in the workplace involve more than simply adjusting the height of a chair. An ergonomic workplace assessment aims to identify, analyse, and eliminate hazards that could affect your employee’s quality of life and engagement. … Read more

Corporate Health Checks

Call Contact Corporate Health Checks Looking to inspire healthy change in your workplace?Create healthier teams and employees in 2023 with our workplace wellness programs. Get in Touch Today Is your current wellbeing program really working? Answer 25 questions in less than 4 mins and receive a personalised report on how your workplace wellbeing program ranks … Read more

Covid-19 Workplace Vaccinations: How to do boosters at your work in 2022

Doctor giving patient vaccine, flu or influenza shot

By Josh Lambert Covid-19 vaccinations and Covid-19 boosters are very topical, and now a large proportion of the Australian population are vaccinated. It’s now a really good time to be talking about covid vaccinations at your workplace and the booster program moving forward. Planning Covid-19 boosters for today and beyond in your corporate wellbeing program … Read more

Small Business Stress and Personal Wellbeing

Small Business Stress and Personal Wellbeing with Katie Richards, Founder of Law on Earth Small and medium-sized businesses in Australia are under the pump right now. SMEs account for 99.8% of all enterprises in Australia, employing more than 7.6 million people or around 68% of employment in the private sector. (OECD-iLibrary) With numbers like that, … Read more

Employee Wellbeing in Lockdown

Have you started to plan for 2022 yet? In the current hybrid model of work it seems that workplaces are toggling between reactive wellbeing initiatives versus strategic long term planning with an eye on 2022. My colleague, Josh Lambert, has decided to write up an eBook (download in here) to simplify the required steps to … Read more

Re-energise your Virtual Work Day

Re-energise your virtual work day with Lizzy Williamson, Founder Two Minute Moves Been sitting there long? Has it been another day of back-to-back Zoom calls, with little time for movement breaks? This sedentary behaviour can lead to fatigue, disengagement, low mood, lack of focus and an uncomfortable, aching body – all of which can be very … Read more

Tired but Wired

Tired but Wired with Natalie McCann, Executive Sleep Coach Ever felt ‘much better after a good night’s sleep’? We’d all answer ‘yes’ to that one! Sleep matters when it comes to physical recovery, mental clarity and overall brain function and performance. Did you know? Around 40% of employees have sleep issues right now—a scary statistic! … Read more

Are you Languishing right now?

Are you Languishing right now? with Dr Natalie Flatt PhD, Connect Psych Services Is life feeling a bit dull? Characterised as dissatisfaction or lack of engagement, languishing doesn’t mean mental health problems, but does mean lacking good mental health. Feeling like you’re stuck in a rut is a common example. Dr. Natalie Flatt Ph.D and … Read more

How to remotivate yourself

How to remotivate yourself as the world opens back up again with Dr Natalie Flatt PhD Are you feeling exhausted from a long and crazy 2020 and 2021? In this Live on Linkedin, Tom Bosna and Dr Natalie Flatt team up again to discuss the current state of play in motivation, socialising and strategies to … Read more

Overcoming social anxiety and finding reflection

Overcoming social anxiety and finding reflection in 2020 – Dr Natalie Flatt PhD What happened yesterday? How about the day before? Taking time to reflect on your day can really help. In this Live on Linkedin, Tom Bosna and Dr Natalie Flatt team up to talk about overcoming social anxiety and finding reflection. This conversation … Read more