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Tired but Wired with Natalie McCann, Executive Sleep Coach

Ever felt ‘much better after a good night’s sleep’? We’d all answer ‘yes’ to that one!

Sleep matters when it comes to physical recovery, mental clarity and overall brain function and performance.

Did you know? Around 40% of employees have sleep issues right now—a scary statistic! It includes all industries from drivers and tradies to office workers and teachers.

In episode 22, Natalie McCann and Tom Bosna discuss:

  • Natalie’s experience with Chronic insomnia
  • Top tips for achieving optimal sleep hygiene
  • How workplace policy could help bring more attention to the value of self-care and rest.

About Natalie 

After experiencing chronic insomnia for decades, Natalie transformed her life and career from stressed out, chronically exhausted corporate project manager to calm, centred and focused Executive Sleep Coach

With a strong understanding of the stress and lifestyle of the corporate leader, she has developed a sincere passion to help others become the best version of themselves working with the foundation of sleep to reduce stress and in turn optimise performance.

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