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The Right to Disconnect with Dr Kristy Goodwin – Digital Wellbeing Expert

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Chasing dopamine and the lost art of deep work with Dr Kristy Goodwin



Are your workplace technology tools making you more productive?  The digital tools that we use in the workplace such as emails, social media platforms and project management software are designed to enhance our output and productivity.  Or at least, that’s how they are sold!  I would argue, that the technology we rely on is reaching peak saturation levels and is now making us more socially isolated, less effective and “dumberer” – see what I did there?

How did that happen?

Do you often end up down a digital rabbit hole wondering how you got there?

Introducing Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading digital wellbeing and peak performance experts.  Kristy is a researcher, author, speaker and media commentator who provides science-backed solutions to optimise wellbeing and productivity in a digital world.

In this fascinating discussion, Dr Kristy Goodwin, educates us on some of the ways digital wellbeing is impacting our lives and how we can improve our overall wellbeing with some evidence based strategies.  In this episode listen out for Dr Kristy Goodwin’s tips and advice on:

  • Her passion for her ‘why’, her research and why the digital wellbeing message is important to her
  • Remote working and the latest research
  • The neuroscience of multi-tasking
  • Some of the key strategies to improve digital hygiene
  • Future of work – the major need for leaders to drive the communications strategy and message and how organisations can lead healthier teams with some simple strategies

To connect with Dr Kristy Goodwin head across to and follow her awesome content on her social media channels – LinkedIn and YouTube. Be sure to download her e-book on Five Digital Productivity Hacks.

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