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Burnout and how to take a Stress Temperature Check with Samuel Eddy

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How to take a stress temperature check with Samuel Eddy, principal consultant and educator


Not all stress is bad, but not all stress is good.  In fact, right there in the middle is a sweet spot for performance and flow.

Our guest, Samuel Eddy, is a principal consultant, educator and speaker on the topic of stress management and resilience.  Samuel has a very interesting discussion with host Tom Bosna, as they both share interesting stories of burnout.  In Episode 4 of the Well Workplaces podcast, our insightful guest, Samuel, educates us on all matters relating to stress:

  • Sam shares his personal story with working in the UK as a corporate many years ago and noticing severe signs and symptoms of severe burnout.
  • His deep understanding on what is stress at a mental and physiological level.
  • Sam introduces the concept of a wellbeing anchor to create mindful living.
  • We talk through the stress temperature check model and gives practical examples of how you can move from the red zone back to green zone.
  • Sharing deep insights into what workplaces can expect over the coming twelve months and what he refers to as resilience shields.
  • Sam shares how leaders, managers and team members can collaborate to create psychological safety and work together to facilitate resilience shields and therefore manage workplace stress.

This was a fascinating discussion with really tangible tips that can be applied today.  So how do you take your stress temperature? Listen to this episode and please check out Samuel Eddy’s website to take his Stress Temperature Questionaire

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