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Overstriding by Podiatrist Chris McCormick

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Are you guilty of Overstriding? (Hint: You probably are!)

If you feel a jarring in your knees when running or if you find your feet slap the ground really hard, then you’re likely guilty of “Overstriding”.

So. What exactly is Overstriding? I’m glad you asked!

Overstriding occurs when our leg strikes the ground too far out in front of our centre of mass. This is a very common running flaw that many runners demonstrate as has been linked to a number of injuries including:

  • Knee pain
  • Shin pain
  • ITB compression syndrome
  • Heel pain

Gait re-training

Simply put, gait re-training involves modifying the way your running gait occurs. Gait re-training is commonly used to help modify the amount of force we feel when landing, to alter the position of our legs during running and improve muscle activation.

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