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Excessive Anterior Pelvic Tilting

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Excessive Anterior Pelvic Tilting – By Podiatrist Chris McCormick

Does your backside point out excessively when you run? Are you prone to back pain or tightness in the front of hips and hamstrings?

These are common traits that runners with excessive anterior pelvic tilting will complain about.

So, what exactly is excessive anterior pelvic tilting?

Excessive anterior pelvic tilting occurs when the top surface of our pelvis tilts forward relative to the base. Excessive tilting is a relatively common running posture that people demonstrate and is linked to a number of injuries including:

  • Low back pain
  • Hamstring Tendinopathy
  • Calf injuries

Gait re-training

Simply put, gait re-training involves modifying the way your running gait occurs. Gait re-training is commonly used to help modify the amount of force we feel when landing, to alter the position of our legs during running and improve muscle activation.


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