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Massage isn’t just a Pamper!

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By Remedial Massage Therapist Daniel Hilton

There are many reasons to believe that going to a Remedial Massage Therapist is just a form of pampering one’s self, and in some cases, this is true. Massage is a treat that your body will thank you for, for a long time after, not to mention a fantastic gift for someone else!

However, to only view massage as a pamper would be to dismiss its range of benefits for your health and wellbeing. These benefits have a body of evidence to support them, and are widely acknowledged by healthcare professionals. Here at Pinnacle Health Group, our staff offer a range of treatment methods that will assist with your injury management, stress recovery and more!

Check below the many reasons why a massage isn’t just a pamper.

  1. Recovery – One of the huge benefits to having Remedial Massage Therapy is recovery. Not only will the massage help you to recover from various activities such as exercise or physical hobbies, but also body straining work like sitting at a desk for 10 hours of work! Recent studies have shown that regular massages, treated as maintenance rather than a pamper, reduce stress, and pain while increasing recovery, productivity and overall quality of life.
  2. Maintenance – Having regular treatments for maintenance is not only going to help you feel good and relaxed, but it is one of the most effective ways to help with injury prevention. If you are a regular runner or just a lover of sleep, having regular treatments will help the quality of both activities, ensuring that you lessen the chance of hurting that calf or knee, or simply waking up with that stiff and sore neck!
  3. Improves Circulation – Circulation seems like something we have little control over, right? Wrong! We know that regular exercise and a healthy diet helps the body function right and circulate blood how it should. Massage will help with this task, so let’s just add that to the list of why you should get a massage ASAP! Poor circulation can lead to a number of very serious health conditions, so let’s try to avoid that.
  4. Stress reduction – Stress is something we all deal with at various points in life, for many reasons. We can stress due to tasks or intensity of work, children, spouses, or maybe all that house work you have to do on the weekend. Massage will help you switch off for those sweet minutes and pull you into a deep relaxation state while we remove those nasty knots and taut bands! Not a bad way to spend your afternoon, if you ask me!

There are many more points and benefits to regular massage for us to talk about, but instead of it being written here, maybe we can chat in person. If you are overdue for your regular massage, it just might be time to give us a call and come visit one of our expert therapists. Our promise is to NOT disappoint!