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Avoiding Winter Weight Gain! By Dietitian Edwina McDonald

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Avoiding winter weight gain!

By Dietitian Edwina McDonald
When the alarm goes off on a cold winter morning the last thing we feel like doing is getting out of bed. Most people associate winter with weights gain- don’t let this be you.
1. Maintain your exercise regime; if you don’t want to go for a run try doing a circuit in the warmth of your house using weights, a skipping rope, stairs and your own body weight. Alternatively join a gym
2. Avoid increasing your intake of hot drinks; all drinks except water contain calories. Adding in extra hot drinks to your day on top of what you’re doing will lead to excess calories consumed.
3. Avoid buying your lunch; while a hot meal form the cafe downstairs may sound appealing you will save an average of 300-500 calories by bringing in your own lunch. If you want a hot meal bring in leftovers/ homemade vegetable soup and serve with lean protein
4. Get to bed early; make the most of a warm bed on a winter’s night. Getting 7-8 hours of good quality sleep will improve your willpower and ability to make healthy food choices during the day as well as make it easier to get up for your morning exercise
5. Maintain your 2 and 5; fruit and vegetables contain valuable antioxidants including vitamin C that will maintain a healthy immune system and fight free radical cellular damage.
Sticking to your eating and exercise plan all year around will enforce long term positive lifestyle behaviours. Don’t forget summer bodies are made in winter!