massage & myotherapy.

Massage is a natural therapy involving pressure and manipulation of the body’s muscular system. A massage therapist uses certain techniques, such as effleurage and kneading, as well as heat and stretching, to work the muscles and release tension within the body. Massage Therapists are qualified practitioners and their treatments comprise an integral part of the healing process.

Myotherapists primarily use Massage as their main tool, however they also apply a wide range of other techniques such as Dry Needling, Acupuncture, and Joint Release amongst others.

what is a pinnacle massage?

Pinnacle Health Group’s Massage therapists and Myotherapists offer a broad range of massage. The session is tailored to your specific needs which are discussed with your therapist at the start of your treatment. Our therapists can offer you:

  •    Remedial Massage
  •    Sports Massage
  •    Posture Perfect Massage
  •    Pregnancy Massage
  •    Hot Stone Massage (available in selected locations)

what are the benefits of a massage?

Most people associate massages with relaxation however, with adequate communication between you and your therapist, there is much more you can get out of your massage treatment. A massage can:

  •    Improve blood circulation
  •    Clear waste products from your body
  •    Relieve cramps, spasms or pain
  •    Aid in recovery from injury
  •    Reduce anxiety and stress
  •    Promote relaxation
  •    Enhance general well being

your appointment

We can tailor the length of your session to your needs. We offer thirty minute, forty five minute or sixty minute sessions and, in some cases, ninety minute sessions in Melbourne and Sydney. We recommend that you book a forty five minute session as your initial appointment if you are unsure of your needs. This will allow time to discuss the treatment aims and medical history with the therapist