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WOD am I doing wrong? 3 tips to avoid Crossfit Injuries

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By Physiotherapist Josh Lambert

Crossfit has become a hugely popular form of training, due to its functional approach to strength, cardiovascular and plyometric training.

As the popularity of the Workout-of-the-day (WOD) style sessions have increased, so too has the number of people presenting with different forms of injuries – mainly due to a lack of knowledge and/or poor technique.

As a physiotherapist, I see on a daily basis the frustration an injury has on an individual’s body. Being informed and aware of prevention of injury from CrossFit or any style of exercise can benefit you in the long run!

Tips to Prevent CrossFit Injuries

Warm- Up!

  • Dedicate time before your work out to warm up! Establish a thorough routine before any activity.
  • Stretching the musculoskeletal system such as leg swings, trunk twists and foam rolling can help prevent any future injuries.

Technique is Paramount.

  • Given the intensity and varied nature of CrossFit, it’s recommended that a certified trainer closely monitor your form initially.
  • Incorrect biomechanics or a faulty technique often leads to sprains or strains.
  • Areas under excessive load can cause injuries for example tendon inflammation.

Take it Slow and Listen to your Body

  • The most obvious (but often neglected) step to injury-proof yourself is to progress the training load slowly.
  • Give your core, muscles and joint tissue time to adapt and respond to the load applied.
  • Too-much-too-soon approach; can result in interrupted training, poor results and a lot of time spent with a physiotherapist.
  • If your body hurts or you’re compensating whilst exercising, seek treatment.

CrossFit is a form of exercise designed to improve overall fitness and health, however without the proper guidance and technique; it can easily lead to serious injury. Making sure you have a professional by your side at the beginning and even during your training will benefit you and your body!