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Why you should get that weird ‘clicking’ checked

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By Suyi Chan


While not all cracks and clicks our body are associated with a direct injury, there is a reason why it keeps making noise. Our bodies should be an efficiently run engine but like a car, they require a wee bit of care and fine-tuning on a semi-regular basis by a mechanic.

Physiotherapists are the mechanics of the body and it is part of our job to check whether those apparently random noises are ones you can get away with or if they’re signs of an underlying issue.


Let us check if your ‘wheel-alignment is out’ and causing:

  • That weird ‘crunching’ in your knee when you squat or kneel down
  • The ‘flicking’ ankle when you go on tip-toes
  • That ‘snapping’ hip when you walk down stairs
  • The ‘cracking’ neck when you do that stretch in pump class
  • That shoulder ‘click’ when you do that one party-trick
  • Or anything else in between!

The reason for the noise could be a simple tweak we can make by introducing a particular stretch or it could be a sign of wear-and-tear to come.  Your physiotherapist will assess the quality of the movement and run through relevant tests to give a concise explanation of the noise. Depending on the underlying cause, treatment can be as simple as re-training a movement, strengthening a weak muscle or encouraging a stiff joint to move.

It would be much easier to adjust your wheel-alignment than to replace the suspension, so get that weird click looked at by the team at Pinnacle Health Group today!