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Corporate wellness classes

Are you looking for a way to improve your employee’s health and wellbeing that doubles as stress management in the workplace? Pinnacle Health can design a challenging and fun program for your entire team that includes group fitness classes. You can choose to run these sessions before or after work or during lunch in your company gym or out in the great outdoors.

Choosing an in-office wellness program is a convenient and time-efficient way to ensure your employees are looking after their health, and exercise is an excellent team bonding activity. Read through some of our wellness classes below and get in touch if you’d like to create a customised plan for your workplace.

Wellness classes

Workplace yoga

Yoga joins together the mind, body and spirit, allowing your employees to take a breather and build their strength. Yoga involves breathing, exercise and meditation – mixing these pillars together energises the mind and strengthens the body. Corporate yoga can also be beneficial for relieving stress.

A young woman exercising on pilates reformer machine in gym

Office pilates

Pilates is amazing for strength, muscle definition, and flexibility. Your team will love these structured exercises and the results they see with regular practice. Our instructors bring all the required equipment for Pilates to your office.

Group meditation

Our meditation training workshops and wellness classes can reduce stress, calm the mind, and heighten employee awareness. The ongoing benefits of meditation will make an impact on the productivity and happiness levels of your employees.

Group fitness classes

Whether you opt for strength training or cardiovascular training, your employees will feel the benefits of regular group fitness. We can structure a program where you choose from multiple classes, including boxing, weight circuits, HIIT, and much more.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a simple way to improve your employees’ health and productivity. This relaxing and energising activity is perfect for workplaces looking to improve their overall health while avoiding the strain that comes with physically demanding exercises.

Create your own wellness program

Enquire today to create your own tailored mix of wellness classes based on the needs of your individual workplace. Send a message to one of our consultants and we can start building your wellness program.