Top 3 tips to avoid issues with your feet this Summer!

By Chris McCormick – Podiatrist
Summer is right around the corner, so close we can almost smell it. Long days, warm nights and plenty of BBQs makes for the best time of the year. With the changing of the season comes a change in patterns for our feet. While our feet are designed to support us to do many things it’s important that we look after them and help them out as much as possible. Below are my 3 top tips to avoid issues with your feet this summer!
Footwear: As stylish as a pair of Havaianas’ are, they can often contribute to imbalances in muscle activation and biomechanics of the feet. When selecting summer footwear it’s important to consider what you plan to do in them. We really love the Archies Thong’s, a stylish and slim thong that offers a comfortable fit and function suitable for long periods of wear in the Aussie summer. Come and check out the range at our Barangaroo and Kent St Wellness Centre’s now!
Avoid big changes: With the weather improving each month and the days getting longer, it’s only natural to get out and do more. With the impulse to be active is great, it’s super important to gradually build up your activity and slowly increase your tolerance
If in doubt, get it checked out: If you’re feeling a niggle anywhere in the feet that persists for more than 2-3 days it’s best to be proactive and seek advice. Niggles often turn into more annoying, long standing issues. If in doubt, get it checked out!
Our Podiatrist Chris is available for consultation at both our Barangaroo and Kent St Wellness Centre’s. Book your Complimentary Foot Health Assessment this December!

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