Do you suffer from these injuries? Physiotherapy can help!

If you live or work in Melbourne CBD or Docklands and suffer from these injuries, we can help reduce your pain and increase your movement so you can Enjoy Life!

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Arm pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain

Book to see a qualified Physiotherapist at Pinnacle Health Group, to put you on the right track to recovery. Recovery times vary from patient to patient, however, our qualified and passionate team continuously strive to encompass the latest research findings to enhance treatment plans. Whether it’s a sports injury or one you’ve sustained at home or work, Physiotherapy will help alleviate pain, and provide you with long-term solutions to help prevent recurring injuries.

Back Pain

Lower back pain or strain is one of the most common injuries, particularly in sports, caused by a number of different factors such as sudden movements or twists. A whopping 80% of people will experience this pain at some point, and as a result, back pain is one of the most common causes of missed work and visits to a Doctor or Physio.

Melbourne CBD and Docklands are both great locations where you’ll find the friendly and experienced team at Pinnacle Health Group. We will relieve you of acute pain, and ensure you’re equipped with the right strategies to manage and prevent future occurrences.

Neck Pain

Here is another common injury, which can greatly impact your quality of life. This is also another injury very commonly seen amongst sportspeople, in particular cyclists.

Some neck pain presents as a headache, dull muscular aches, or an inability to freely move your head. But don’t let the frustration of neck pain get you down – in the majority of cases, neck pain is a simple fix with a great Physiotherapist. New research now shows that using a combination of neck joint and muscle treatments performed by your Physiotherapist, coupled with specific strengthening exercises, is a highly effective way to treat and eliminate neck pain, stiffness and headaches. By acting swiftly, this also significantly reduces the chance of the pain returning.

The Physiotherapists at Pinnacle Health Group will equip you with a treatment plan to have you feeling yourself again in no time.

Pulled muscles

Pulled muscles are exactly that – muscles that have been stretched or pulled beyond their capacity. Common causes for pulled muscles are overuse, fatigue, strain or even falling down. Prevention is pretty straightforward; you should always spend time warming up your muscles prior to starting any sports activities or physical work. In some cases, such as hamstring tears or strains, recovery can take some time. Offering specific treatment plans tailored just for you, our Physiotherapists at Pinnacle Health Group should be your first call. You can be confident you’re getting the best possible treatment plan to combat the injury.

How Can You Be Sure Physiotherapy Will Work?

Think of your Physiotherapist as a “body mechanic”. Unlike your average “mechanic”, they’re more of a specialist trade, having spent a long time delving into the many natural physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore your wellbeing. Their studies include anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, musculoskeletal conditions and so much more!

Pinnacle Health Group’s Physiotherapists in Melbourne CBD and Docklands will use their wealth of knowledge and skills to relieve those aching muscles and stiff joints, restoring you back to health.

Our Physiotherapists are experts at designing exceptional treatment plans and have a wide range of treatment options available to you. Don’t delay in calling or booking online today, as the longer you leave your aches and pains the more resistant they become! Experience the absolute Pinnacle in health care with Pinnacle Health Group.

Do you have back pain? You need physiotherapy!

Unfortunately back pain is something almost all of us have experienced; perhaps not personally, but instead witnessed the effects with a loved one. The sad truth of the matter is that the debilitating condition was once associated with ageing, but nowadays more and more young people are experiencing these complaints. The causes for back pain vary from negligence, through to degenerative diseases, and without immediate assessment and treatment can result in major problems later in life.

Luckily, there is a very effective and natural treatment to deal with back related pain – Physiotherapy. And if you live or work in the Melbourne CBD or Dockland you have some of the most professional and experienced Physiotherapists at your fingertips. Physiotherapy clinics are popular throughout Melbourne’s CBD and Docklands, so how do you choose which clinic to attend? First, the internet is a great source of information – clinics that are committed to delivering the best results and latest information and techniques will have informative websites to help you understand Physiotherapy and its uses. Usually physiotherapy accompanies medical treatment, and you’re often referred to Physiotherapists  to fast track your recovery.

Pinnacle Health Group Melbourne CBD and Docklands offer advanced, progressive physiotherapy treatments that continually evolve with the latest medical discoveries and methods to deliver effective treatment plans to help ease back pain. Their desire to continuously upskill is driven by their desire to help people recover from a disease, pain and injury that can ultimately ruin a person’s quality of life.

Pinnacle – Docklands Physio and Melbourne’s CBD Physio, offer a range of successful treatments from Physiotherapy to Dry Needling, Pilates and Massage. All therapists are highly qualified and trained; ensuring your road to recovery is as smooth and fast as possible. Call or book online to experience the absolute Pinnacle in health care.

Do you have back pain?
Do you have back pain?