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Surviving the Festive Season

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Surviving the festive season

By Dietitian Edwina McDonald

We have officially entered into the festive season – or as I call it – the season of eating and drinking!

But – the holiday period doesn’t need to result in putting on weight – providing you are smart about your food and beverage choices.

Christmas cookies and milk

Here’s some tips for surviving the festive season:

Enjoy the company of your family and friends;

The festive season is about enjoying the company of your loved ones. It doesn’t always have to involve eating and drinking copious amounts. Rather than head straight to the food table – spend time talking to the people around you

Never go out hungry

If you are hungry, your willpower will not be as strong. Have a high protein snack such as a tin of tuna or boiled egg before you go out to take the edge off your hunger

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger – so we eat more. Water will also fill up stomach volume and stop you being able to fit as much food in. Water is the only food/beverage that doesn’t contain any calories- enjoy it!

Don’t say yes to everything

Just because food and drinks are on offer does not mean you have to say yes to everything. Ask yourself if you really want what is being offered. If you don’t think you will enjoy the experience of eating or drinking it- don’t waste the calories

Control your portions;

Monitor how much you are eating and drinking. Whether it’s your canapés or glasses of wine- give yourself a limit and count what you are consuming so you can stick to it! Be accountable for your caloric intake; enjoy a few treats without going overboard! Make the most of the break and summer by enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables while being as active as possible!

Happy Holiday’s!