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Summer Body, Winter Blues. Why the endless cycle?

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Article by: Logan Bilby – Personal Trainer Kogarah


With just a little over 20 weeks until summer how many of you have thought “it’s time to work towards my Summer Body!” I think we are all guilty of this.

Being individually unique we all have varying degrees of goals ranging from minor to major weight loss and muscular hypertrophy/toning. Yet we often set targets that are time and action specific, as intended through the SMART principle (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely). It, however only caters up until a point of success. What happens after we achieve these goals or what do we do if we fall short?

For those who were successful we fall back into bad habits and find ourselves 20 weeks out thinking ‘time to start again’. For those who were unsuccessful we say to ourselves ‘I’ll do it next year’. This then becomes an endless cycle that we find hard to break. What may seem like a difficult thing to overcome really only comes down to one thing, consistency.

A goal that has been achieved and is consistently being maintained may also be referred to as a Lifestyle choice. If it took a certain lifestyle to gain weight, then it is going to take a different lifestyle to burn it off.

So what can you do to make sure you summer body becomes an all-year body:

  1. Make simple changes in your diet including swapping out soft drinks for water and junk food with fresh fruits.
  2. Maintain a regular exercise routine
  3. Seek assistance from an exercise professional
  4. Have a training partner! A friend, group or personal trainer
  5. Get plenty of sleep!
  6. Do what works for you!

So let’s change our mindset from goals with deadlines and start re-wiring our bodies to constantly work towards better and maintained health. No more winter blues. No longer will you have the spring-sprint to fitness. Live life in style all year round.