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Social impact and wellbeing insights with Mark Harwood CEO of YGAP

Have you ever considered your why?

At a deep level most of us end up on various career journeys for different reasons. Perhaps we are born into a world where financial success and career progression are expected and a product of our upbringing.

For other people, like Mark Harwood, prioritising wellbeing and connecting with a deeper sense of community is extremely important and fulfilling.

In Episode 3, our inspiring guest Mark Harwood, CEO of YGAP shares his stories on:

  • How he started his role as CEO at YGAP just before the COVID-19 crisis and how the YGAP team have adapted during this challenging time.
  • His career progression from working in a corporate environment at Accenture and changing his path towards working at World Vision and why that was important to him as a person.
  • He shares his passion for how YGAP believes in the power of entrepreneurship and some of the great stories from the First Gens program
  • Mark shares his story on how he ditched his car forever in favour of cycling to commute around the community for his overall wellbeing.

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