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Scale a wellbeing program and launch a digital wellbeing platform for employees

How to scale a wellbeing program and launch a digital wellbeing platform for employees across the whole of Oceania, with Melissa Hosie, Ernst &Young

In episode 15 of Well Workplaces podcast, Josh chats with Melissa Hosie, who is the Wellbeing Manager for Oceania at Ernst & Young.  Mel is a Human Resources gun, and has been in a number of HR-related roles for EY over the last 15 years.

Mel has been able to incorporate her love for managing people and culture, with the growing focus on employee wellbeing – most notably like all of in 2020 in managing the wellbeing of the 9,000 + employees at EY Oceania.

Mel shares some absolute gold nuggests of advice, including:

  • How wellbeing initiatives were adapted literally overnight at EY in March 2020
  • Why the Digital Wellbeing Platform at EY has changed the game for employees, and allowed the team to measure wellbeing
  • The mental health challenges of 2020, including some personal insights into the juggles and struggles that Mel experienced this year
  • What the future of wellbeing looks like into 2021 and beyond with their best-in-class wellbeing program

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