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Pinnacle Hybrid Wellbeing Program

Give your employees a health and wellbeing platform they’ll actually use

Pinnacle Digital Wellbeing Platform

If you work in the workplace wellbeing, health and safety or human resources space, chances are you have heard a lot of noise lately about “Digital Wellbeing Platforms”.

Let’s face it, there has been an overwhelming flood of wellness apps and programs hitting the market over the last few years, and the workplace wellbeing and corporate health industry has certainly not been immune to this.

On balance, this is great progress, and many positives have come from the rise of digital wellbeing programs. Digital wellbeing platforms often include features such as helpful health tips, interactive content, time tracking, distraction blocking, and app usage monitoring, which can help employees to stay focused and productive while also avoiding burnout.

Key Features of our wellbeing program

Incorporates simple daily content & actions to create habits & behaviours

Employees can engage in short (3-10 days) learning journeys and connect with colleagues through mini challenges to increase social connection and create healthier habits. Employer-led challenges are easily created via a self-service portal

Setup your own individual profile to personalise your experience, and connect your wearable device to track progress

Employer Benefits

Our digital wellbeing program offers tools and resources to help you manage employees’ stress and improve their overall well-being, such as meditation and mindfulness exercises. The platform can help to improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement, while also reducing the risk of burnout and turnover.

Data & Analytics reporting – providing clear insight into health risk, physical activity, productivity, culture & health outcome trends

Extensive data analytics to measure trends, progress and return on investment

Give your workers the support they need and expect with a full stack employee experience, culture, health and wellbeing platform.

Not all health and wellbeing apps are created equal

Before you start directing your employees to the app store to download what we affectionately refer to as JAFWA (“Just Another F……. Wellness App”), it is incredibly important to take a step back and consider your workplace strategy and reasons for implementing.

The Pinnacle Employee Wellbeing Program Difference

AI-Driven personalised employee experience – tailored to each individual’s unique health risk status & areas of interest

Built-in health assessment & employee challenge library – creating awareness & driving actions key to behavioural change (80+ challenges available)

Automated enrolment and engagement communications via email, mobile and offline campaigns

High engagement – over 50% of members sustain an average of 6 + daily interactions

The Pinnacle Digital Wellbeing Platform

Cut through the wellbeing noise

The last thing that your workplace needs (and the last thing that you want to be associated with as the wellbeing leader) is a hurried, costly and ill informed technological decision, that could potentially go to the “wellbeing initiative graveyard” and lie dormant and heavily underutilised within your organisation. 

So how do you cut through the noisy and overwhelming echo chamber that is digital wellbeing platforms? Well, at Pinnacle Health Group, not only have we tested the market over the last decade ourselves (and experienced many JAFWAs along the way), but we work with over 200 organisations that each do “Digital Wellbeing Platforms” very differently.

We’ve seen everything this space has to offer from very basic online wellness libraries, and company intranets fronting as wellbeing hubs, to intuitive programs that stimulate healthy habit creation and personalised employee health journeys using AI. We’ve seen what works, and what is good value for money when it comes to engagement and the reason we are all doing this for in the first place: to inspire healthy change for employees.

Now, this would be an appropriate time to disclose that, because we have seen the good/bad/ugly of digital wellbeing platforms over the years, we have our own Pinnacle Health Group Digital Wellbeing Platform. In fact, not to get caught up in semantics too much, but we prefer to call our version a “Digital Wellbeing Coaching” App, or better still, a “Wellbeing Coaching” app, given that digital access should just be assumed nowadays.

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