Physiotherapy – why it’s REALLY important for you and your loved ones

Not only in Melbourne, but in Australia and world-wide, pain and injury management is a huge, growing public health issue. If you suffer from pain it is imperative that you receive appropriate and effective care, management and prevention from a reputable physiotherapist.

With 1 in 5 Australians including adolescents and children living with chronic pain, here at Pinnacle Health Group our physiotherapists have seen it all. From injuries to chronic back and neck pain, through to headaches, and post-operative rehabilitation. Our qualified and highly-skilled Physiotherapists in Melbourne form part of an elite group across the country dedicated to helping Australians manage their pain, and regain their quality of life.

To understand our passion for delivering the Pinnacle in health care through Physiotherapy, let’s have a look at the impact chronic pain can have, so we can truly understand the vast benefits of Physiotherapy.

As we mentioned earlier, chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Australians – but did you know that 1 in 5 Australians suffering with chronic pain also suffer with depression? This is not only a staggering amount of people suffering; it’s also a dangerous combination. Chronic pain, much like depression, can become a serious and debilitating disease in its own right – yet, there is still little awareness of it despite it significantly diminishing a person’s quality of life. By raising awareness and seeking treatment from qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, some 80% of Australian’s with chronic pain would experience a drastic improvement across the board.

Sadly, between 25 % and 35% of our children suffer with chronic pain too, with the greatest incidence being in adolescence – especially for young girls. Research shows this impacts the amount of time these children spend at school, their desire and ability to learn, and in some cases can cause them to become socially isolated.

And last, but not least, suicide rates are twice as high among people suffering with chronic pain.

Here at Pinnacle Health Group, our Physiotherapy is a multi-faceted service designed to help you return to your physical peak and stay there.

And naturally, as our Physiotherapist treats the condition or injury and introduces healthy, sustainable activities and exercises, pain becomes manageable and a patient’s outlook on life dramatically improves. It is because of the undeniably positive impact Physiotherapy has, that Physiotherapists have been recognised as playing a critical part in helping people manage chronic pain. Our Physiotherapists play an integral role at all stages of the process from acute to chronic pain, through the application of activity based programs using cognitive behavioural principles.

This brings us to our next point – Physiotherapy and acute pain. While acute pain doesn’t present as much of a problem as chronic pain, that doesn’t make it any less serious. If acute pain is not treated in time by a good reputable Physiotherapist, this can result in the development of chronic pain. Each day you tell yourself “it will be better tomorrow” is a day that could change everything, and impact any number of areas in your life.

The success of Physiotherapy is astounding and it’s exciting to see it finally taking the world by storm – with the help of the Australian Government and the National Pain Management Strategy, pushing to have health services more readily available to the public, and having these conditions recognized as a legitimate disease.

Pinnacle Health Group Melbourne CBD and Docklands will continue to strive in delivering the best health care and Physiotherapy services, by keeping up to date the with latest research and techniques and ensuring our staff are qualified.

So you if live in Melbourne and suffer from chronic or acute pain, or know someone who does, call us today and take your first step to recovery – and we’ll be with you every other step along the way!

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