physiotherapy special offers.

At Pinnacle Health Group, not only are our expert physiotherapists super-convenient to access at the Docklands in Melbourne CBD – but we have some no-brainer offers to get you specialist physiotherapy assessment and treatment immediately. 

We assess, diagnose and treat literally thousands of patients from our Docklands clinics each year, and specialise in:

Neck and Back Pain

Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Overuse Injuries

Muscle, Joint and Ligament Injuries

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Take advantage of these special offers below, and take charge of your health and wellbeing today!

No-Gap Initial Physio Appointment


We know what it’s like – you pay good money for your extras cover on Private Health Insurance, and you don’t know when and how it will be used throughout the year.

Worse still, you may not get to use any of the benefits in the calendar or financial year – and you miss out!

Our No-Gap Initial Physio Offer will give you peace of mind, and enables you to get that niggle or concern assessed by one of our expert Physiotherapists, with no out-of-pocket cost to you.



Fast Track Physio Program $399


No one wants their niggly pain to be hanging around for weeks on end! Our fast track physiotherapy program is designed to get you back to pain free ASAP. This means diagnosis, hands-on treatment, an exercise plan, and regular guidance and access to your physiotherapist in a structured 4-week program. 

In addition to the structured physio sessions, video guided exercise plan, you will also be provided with must have rehab tools to fast track your progress, such as spiky massage balls and theraband.

Think of it like your own targeted burst of physiotherapy to fast-track your results – and set you up to achieve your health goals ASAP.


Our Physio Approach

Our clinical approach is constantly evolving as we base our treatment techniques on the latest research findings and update our skill set on a regular basis. We realize that there is so much more to your visit than simply lying on a table and being “cured”; we endeavor to create a treatment plan that encompasses all facets of your lifestyle in order to get you back to normal and to prevent any further injuries occurring.  We combine several treatment styles to achieve our results, which can include the following:

Soft tissue massage                     

Mobilization & Manipulation


Dry Needling

Exercise Prescription                 


Clinical Pilates