Online Video Consultations with Pinnacle

Physio, Podiatry, Dietitians & Psychology

Due to the COVID-19 global crisis we have had to get creative with how we can continue to inspire healthy changes for our amazing clients and workplaces across Australia.

At Pinnacle Health Group we are now offering online video consultations for the services: Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Dietitian, Psychology and Ergonomic assessments.  

What are online video consultations?

With the rapid improvements in technology over the last five years, online video consultations (often referred to as telehealth) have become an excellent way of reaching remote, at risk or time poor individuals who need to get their healthcare on the go. At Pinnacle Health Group we have been offering video consultations for corporate clients for many years – using skype and zoom. As the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted many workplaces and communities, Pinnacle Health Group has reinvested in the most up to date technology to ensure that your video consultation experience is world-class and frictionless. Online video consultations are very similar to your in-centre consultation, the main difference is that you are in the comfort of your own home. Just like a normal consultation, you can expect a discussion about your wellbeing goals, specific questions relating to your area of concern and discussion about the best way to treat your presenting concern or condition. 

Your video consultation includes

  1. A thorough discussion about your condition and wellbeing goals
  2. Assessment of the condition – for Physio consults it will  involve asking you to do some movements to help see any deficiencies 
  3. Using a digital software we will educate you on the diagnosis 
  4. You will be prescribed rehabilitation exercises using Physitrack and given advice based on the assessment findings – for example, start walking for 15 minutes per morning.
  5. You will then discuss the plan with your therapist and ask us questions to clarify the next steps
  6. You will receive your PhysiApp app. Treatment plan and follow up details will be confirmed.

What do I need for my video consultation?

  • A computer, smartphone or tablet to use the video function  and be able to see your practitioner. It is worth testing out your camera prior to the appointment if you are unsure. A wifi connection is required.
  • The reminder email will include the key links for you to follow so please read this carefully.
  • A comfortable and quiet place to sit and speak with your practitioner is a great idea.
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended if needing to move during your appointment.
  • If you have any existing equipment at home, such as therabands, weights, foam rollers or massage balls – it is a great idea to bring these so we can utilise the tools you have!
  • Payment – we have set up a virtual kiosk for payment – the practitioner can guide you through this process. Please note we have decided to reduce our fees by 50% as we understand that the community is under financial hardship at the moment and we simply want to keep our team and clients happy and healthy.