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How to practice mindfulness in a distracted world

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How to practice mindfulness in a distracted world with Melo Calarco, High Performance coach

Do you spend 47% of your time off task?  Athletes, CEOs and entertainers alike have brought mindfulness practice to our attention over the last five years.

In fact, mindfulness practice is simply described by expert Melo as attention training.  Yes, we all live in a world of distraction where our phones, emails and general business make it difficult to be present.  Our guest, Melo Calarco is a high performance coach and leader in the field of mindfulness and in Episode 8 Melo shares his deep insights on:

  • How he travelled the world on a mountain bike, staying with indigenous tribes and learnt a lot about people and mindfulness practice
  • He worked with a Psychiatrist on mindfulness training and how marrying the best of eastern and western practice is key to making things simple for corporates
  • How novices can start practicing mindfulness by starting with only one small habit creation
  • Non-formal and formal practice is easy to implement in a world full of distractions
  • The future of workplaces and how mindful teams and leaders can influence real change

This was a fascinating discussion with really tangible tips that can be applied today.

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