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This month at Pinnacle Health Group we’re offering you all good reason to take better care of yourselves. How are those New Year’s resolutions looking now? Did any of them work out or are they still “on the to do list”?We at Pinnacle believe that every day is a new day and that it is never too late to start making little changes that will make a big difference to your health and well-being.Read on for more information on how our expert remedial massage therapists can help and support you with both your health and well-being.

Why Make Now The Time For Massage?

With so many ideas and believes held around massage it seems there still requires some clarification about this practice despite the fact that the practice has been documented as a form of medicine as far back as the ancients in Egypt.

The idea of massage being “a luxury”or “indulgence” is one of the worst myths surrounding this practice. It is an effective way of increasing blood flow, “stretching”out tight muscle fibres which can form adhesions in the muscle tissue (those “knots”felt most commonly around the neck and shoulders), repairing muscle tears post exercise, assisting in lymphatic drainage, promoting a sense of well-being through the release of the “feel good” chemical oxytocin as a knock on effect of a good massage. Further benefits experienced through the chain reaction of regular massage include but are by no means limited to: improved immunity, better digestion, improved mental clarity and health, faster healing processes, better posture, less muscular and joint pain (sometimes reduced to full remission of pain!), reduction in cellulite and other epidermal issues and general improved mood and sense of better health.

So massage isn’t just for athletes? Absolutely not! Yes; it is true athletes benefit from post-exercise massage more than those who don’t exercise as much; this is purely because often when we push our bodies physically we experience pain (the same as when we work ourselves too hard which ever way!); this pain, until fairly recently, has been considered to be from the build up of a muscle waste product (our body is in constant detox – this is a perfectly natural and healthy process) lactic acid. This is now known to be not strictly speaking true; what is actually happening along side all the body’s other processes during physical exercise (increased respiration rate, blood pressure changes and increased heart rate for example) is that as the muscles are being worked hard they often stretch and pull creating tiny tears in the muscle fibres and this is what is causing the pain, lactic acid burn – I don’t think the scientists are quite 100% agreed yet as to whether it occurs yet!

Does this mean that massage is an art and not a science?! No. It is both an art and a science! Scientists debate and debunk faster than we breath in! That’s their job and it’s important that when it comes to our health we get the right solution for us as individuals by the right practitioners at the right time. That’s why you will find here at Pinnacle Health Group we only provide services that are right for you having done the right assessment. The beauty of massage is it is an art that can be tailored to the individual ensuring you get the best possible outcome from the treatment. The precision of this tailored treatment means that you will get the best possible scientifically proven results. You body will give you this as feedback and our expert practitioners will guide you through what this feedback means!

So you see, you don’t have to be super fit or in bad shape to benefit from a massage – any time is a good time for a massage it will more than likely improve your day today and make tomorrow a whole lot better too. A good massage will make you smile and that will make the people around you smile too but that’s another science; it’s called emotional contagion but we won’t look at that today we’ll look at booking in a massage or two instead.

25% off your second massage when you book a massage in March

Ready for your massage treatment now? Know someone who needs some time for themselves? Book in your (and or your friend’s!) massage in March and get a voucher for 25% off your second. Just mention this offer upon booking your appointment and you will receive the voucher after your treatment! Massage like most body work benefits you most when done regularly and in conjunction with other practices such as stretching. Ask your massage practitioner what would benefit you most to further the benefits of you session.

Offer Expires: Tuesday the 30th of April 2013

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