Workplace Wellness

Lesson no. 5 from 10 years of Wellness Centres – value > price.


We know this because clients consistently tell us, and without fail each year our surveys show that “convenience” is ranked as the first consideration when seeking health and wellbeing services, and “price” is usually last or second-to-last behind “opening hours”.

One caveat to these results is that our services at corporate Wellness Centres are discounted for employees/tenants anyway – but the main lesson that we have learnt over this time is to focus on the convenient, sanctuary-style wellness environment with premium quality services.

The “value” that is interpreted by our clients is not necessarily the saving of a few dollars – but how easily they can access the Wellness Centre, their trust and relationship with the health service provider, and how they feel during and after the consultation/studio class.

Understanding our clients helps us continually refine our #clientexperience and keep #inspiringhealthychange for individuals and workplaces.


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